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    Shavone's Everyday Essence 🌱

    Looking into healthier cooking and diet? Well, with Shavone's Everyday Essence Seasoning, you can enjoy the foods you love with the added benefits of having wholesome, all organic, and plant-based ingredients. This unique blend can help you add variety and excitement to your meals without compromising on taste or nutrition. So go ahead and give it a try - with Shavone's Everyday Essence, you'll discover a world of new flavor possibilities in every dish!


    It's a non-irradiated seasoning that protects your health without radiation and without damage to the nutrients of every spice!

    ✅ NON-GMO

    Devoid of metals, chemicals, preservatives, and pesticides


    Not fortified with folic acid, iron, or other components


    Significant health benefits with lowering chronic health risks


    Adheres to guidelines on soil quality, animal raising practices, and additives.

  • Meet SHAVONE

    "Welcome to the place that you'll leave with the perfect flavor to your favorite foods, diet, and your LIFE!" - Shavone

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    🌱 The Essence of How It Started...

    On May 19th 2019, Shavone became the "Overnight Vegan" and hasn't looked back since. As she started experimenting with plant-based recipes, she discovered her love for vegan cooking and creating unique flavor combinations in the kitchen. Her all-purpose seasoning quickly became a staple in her meals, and she soon started sharing it with her family and friends. It wasn't long before the demand for her seasoning grew, and she decided to share it with the world.


    Through her research Shavone came to understand the importance of using non-irradiated seasonings in cooking and consuming. She learned that mostly all seasonings are exposed to ionizing radiation, which can alters the chemical structure of the spices and reduce their nutritional value. She was moved to find out some of her favorite seasonings are filled with harmful chemicals or preservatives, making them an unhealthier option for both people and the environment. Shavone's commitment to veganism compelled her to create a non-irradiated seasoning blend that speaks to the essence of the earth, her intrinsic nature, and wholesomely feeding others.


    Shavone's mission is to help people transition to a healthier way of eating and living through the power of education. resources, and wholesome eating (and seasoning too!). She believes that healthy food doesn't have to be bland or boring and that her all-purpose seasoning can add flavor and excitement to any dish. With Shavone's Everyday Essence, she hopes to inspire people to be more creative in the kitchen and make conscious choices when it comes to what they consume and purchase. She is dedicated to promoting a plant-based diet, and her wholesome seasonings for anyone looking to make a positive change in their in their diet and lifestyle. Taste the Essence! 🌱

  • always flavorful, never bland.

    (The essence of your life is your absolute truth!)

    Shavone's Everyday Essence - All Purpose Seasoning

    Shavone's Everyday Essence - All Purpose Seasoning

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    Shavone’s Everyday Essence Seasoning is an 100% plant-based extraordinary blend of flavorful spices that provides an enhanced flavor experience to all the foods you love and enjoy everyday from soups, vegetables, french fries, even barbecue and proteins too. There is no finer seasoning without Shavone’s sprinkle of essence!
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    🌱 vegan grocery shopping made simple!

    Shavone's FREE Pantry Shopping List is what you're missing!

    I understand that in today's world, maintaining a healthy diet can seem overwhelming with such and array of fruits, grains, vegetable, and non-meat vegan options. But I assure you that it doesn't have to be complicated.


    That's where The Vegan Pantry Essentials Shopping List comes in!

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